Asked 8 years ago
Is there an app for android for this? Id rly like to use an app with all the features available

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There is no native app, however, our mobile site has most of the functionality (lessons, drills, questions, dictionary, etc).  And it keeps getting better.  Just access Nihongo Master with your phone and it will take you to the mobile version. :)  It's also tablet friendly!

Answered 8 years ago

This is how I do it on my tablet. It works well, except I have an issue with the stroke order popup where I can't close it.

Commented 8 years ago

:( well does it cost a lot to make an app cuz shiiiizzz id donate for a fully functional app

Commented 8 years ago

Me too! I'd even pay for the app. I'm barely at home and even though my phone is big, it's not convenient to do all this in a browser

Commented 7 years ago