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hi I'm new I was wondering I am doing all the drills learning hiragana. Should I practice writing them in a notebook too or just doing the drills and such are good enough? Thanks in advance 

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It wouldn't hurt to! I memorized the kana first before trying to write them and it ended up slowing me down a bit. You're going to want to take notes in kana eventually and it'll take longer if you have to keep looking up the stroke order of the characters!

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For me I write down everything from the lesson, it helps me memorise better as I physically say and write the words. It also is really helpful writing using the sites guide to writing the characters. This way you can correctly write hiragana and katakana (even kanji when you reach that level). By doing this I found it easier in the later lessons to understand the proper grammar and readability. This is how I write it in my notebook I.e.


ありがとう - Thank you (Arigatou).


Writing it this way I know the hiragana, katakana and kanji. What it means in English and how to say it through romanji. Downside is it takes a lot longer to do lessons and some lessons are quite long to write down. The other benefits to writing all lessons down is you can easily go back to previous lessons without searching through many webpages.

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Did you know  that as a subscriber, you get access to practice writing sheets?  We have practice sheets that you can print out which will help you with practicing your writing of hiragana and kanji! Each sheet has grids to help you make sure your strokes are the right size and each character comes with stroke orders so you know what steps to take when practicing your writing. :)  We hope that helps!

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