Which part of Japan should I visit? And Why?

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Hi! I know each and one of us has a dream destination in Japan. So I wanted to know which part of Japan you personally want to visit and what's the reason behind that? I'll wait for your responses!

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I want to visit (Kyoto) it's full of nice natural views, and there is a lot of Monumental buildings too 

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I agree! One of the hotspots in Japan. Just wish this corona will soon go away

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If you're an entreprenuer then visit Fukuoka as it's one of the hottest spots for business creation in Japan.

Then you can go to Nanzoin it's a great temple to visit that used to have the largest bronze laying statue of buddha (I think Thailand just beat it a few years ago - it's still big!!). Oohori koen and Fukuoka shio is a pretty neat place especially for hanami. Tenjin is a pretty happening place for night life. Then of course you got Fukuoka Tower and the Marina.  If you're into sports then you got the Yahoo Dome there as well to visit and go to a baseball game if it's available when you go.

I would totally recommend Uminonakamichi -- it's the craziest open space (you can see it eventually in the photo roll on the FB page below) area I've ever been in.... it's like an island that's a huge park area, mostly free to roam for free. There is also a Zoo and a Aquarium on the island, I'm sure there is tons more to do there as well. Of course there is always the "popular" temple place in Fukuoka it might be Dazaifu.

I can give you my brief break down here as I lived there for 2 years.

Oonojo-shi and Hakata ekimae going to school and building a business, so I was a bit busy and didn't do as much as I wanted at the time.

a few sources from my blog:
https://www.facebook.com/NihonScope/photos/ -- you can see some stuff we ended up doing here
my Japanese friend/business partner also posts some stuff here and there mostly in Japanese though.

Nihon Scope
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There are so many places I want to visit. Aside from the obvious, Tokyo, I want to visit Oushima or cat island. Who wouldnt want to go to an island thats home to more cats than humans XD

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