What's wrong with きょう、ラメンをたべました?

Asked 8 years ago

In the "I Came, I Saw, I Studied" there is a question:

Fill in the blank with the best verb: きょう、ラメンを_____。

There are both たべます (resulting in "today, [will] eat ramen") and たべました ("today, ate ramen"). Why is きょう、ラメンをたべました a wrong sentence?

P.S. Same with きょう、おちゃを のみます/のみました

and in the next drill set: ことし、日本に 行きません(right)/行きませんでした(wrong)

Commented 8 years ago

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1 Answer


You're absolutely correct! たべます and たべました, present and past tense are both correct when using きょう. Wrong drill and quiz answers have been changed to, well, actually wrong answers. 

Answered 8 years ago