Are the following sentences correct ?

Nitta Sayuri
Asked 8 years ago
1. Indo wa iroiro kisetsu ga arimasu. Sorera wa natsu , tsuyu to fuyu desu. 2. Natsu no aida , tenki ga totemo atsui desu. 3. Subete ga midori ni narimasu. ( I want to say that everything becomes green. ) 4. Fuyu ni tenki ga samui desu. ( Should it be 'ni' or 'de' ? ) 5. Watashi wa sorezore no kisetsu ga suki desu. Demo , tsuyu ga watashi no ichiban suki desu. PLEASE HELP ! Arigatou gozaimasu !

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For the most part, they're looking pretty good! I might make a few changes:

1. インドは三つのきせつがあります。Might as well be specific with みつ, いろいろ sounds very vague.. それらはなつとつゆとふゆです。ら on それ is a pluralizer.

3. すべてはみどりになります。は here is better.

4. そして、ふゆには、てんきがさむいです。Add a conjunction, そして、and use に for ふゆ. I also added は to ふゆに because that makes it comparative - you're comparing the seasons. (Alternatively, ふゆのてんきは).

5. でも、つゆがいちがんすきです。You don't need the わたしの. If you really wanted to put that in, it'd be でも、つゆがいちばんすきなきせつです。 If you use わたしの, it has to modify a noun (すき is a な adj), so I put きせつ at the end).

Sorry for late reply, hope that helps.

Answered 8 years ago