Kun'yomi and On'yom

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im confused by Kun'yomi and On'yom can someone explain it in better detail ?

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So the On-yomi is the Chinese reading of the character.  Kanji was originally borrowed from China and many symbols tend to retain their Chinese reading when the kanji is read as a combination word (it's put together with another kanji).  

The Kun-yomi is the JAPANESE reading and is usually when the kanji is shared with hiragana to create words.  Common would be 読む which contains the kanji 読.  It's read as yomu all together, but the kun-yomi of the Kanji is the "yo" part of yomu.  The mu is written in hiragana (as well as thee word's conjugated forms).

Now here's where it gets confusing.  There's ALWAYS exceptions.  The best thing to do is learn the words in context and constantly be drilled on them.  Some say learning just the kun-yomi or on-yomi alone won't help.  I find it's helpful and as long as you continue doing so, you'll be able to quickly determine pronunciation when reading.

When you add drills from the kanji dictionary, the system will drill you on the defintion as well as kun-yomi and on-yomi readings of the kanji, making it a pretty good coverage of reading everything.

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ah now it makes sense ありがと talyorさん

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