Hiragana on a english computer?

Asked 8 years ago

Hello!!! I hope I have a quick question. I am english speaking, and I see often in the comments people using Hiragana and english. I was wondering, how do you type Hiragana if you have a english computer? Is there some kind of program you can install or some kind of keybord you can buy or something? Thank you!

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This is by using an IME (Input Method Editor).  IME's are freely available for Windows and Mac.


Windows 7: http://www.tofugu.com/guides/type-japanese-windows-7/

MacOS: http://redcocoon.org/cab/mysoft.html

Let us know if you are using something different and maybe we can find a solution for you! :)

Answered 8 years ago

It works! It works! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! You are a genius! I am now going to type Hiragana for no reason anywhere I can and squee loudly until my family wakes up and tells me to stop. THANK YOU!!!!!

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the simply one, you use google translate http://translate.google.com/ and then you choose the left language (input) is Japanese. Turn on Input Method. It is a button with Letter A in Japanese (あ). Voila, you can write with Japanese Letter. For example, you type this in your keyboard "arigatou", then enter, and the output is ありがとう (mean: Thank You).

or you can go to http://gate2home.com and then choose Japanese. Then you just type Romaji. And you get the Japanese Letter. Gate2home is better than google translate because we can type Kanji too as our typing in Romaji is correct.

hope this can help you to type Japanese Letter.

and by the way, sorry if my english not so good because i'm not an english speaker. i'm from Indonesia. nice to meet you

Answered 8 years ago

https://www.hiraganakeyboard.com is an online Japanese IME that lets one type in romaji and converts the romaji to hiragana, katakana and kanji. It does not require installation, so it's really convenient for typing in Japanese.

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I want to do this too! :D

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