Verb/Adjective/Noun Mistakes

Asked 9 years ago

I'm a native Japanese speaker and thought I would try out the nihongo master site on a whim. I'm currently in hiragana, however I have noticed some issues with the translations. For example colours such as red and blue are listed as あかい and あおい, but these would be termed adjectives to describe something as red or blue. The correct terms should be あか and あお. Anyone with me here, or am I talking to a brick wall?

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Im with you.

Answered 9 years ago


Yep, we've heard you!  We'll revise these lessons as soon as possible to reflect their noun-forms.  I think the biggest part is that we didn't specify the part of speech with the vocabulary.  First time learners tend to learn the color "blue" as the adjective form initially, which is why it was included in that way; however, we should be more specific.

Answered 9 years ago