Free vs. subscription on Nihongo

Crimson Amaryllis
Asked 8 years ago

I know the majority of the positives are listed on the website to subscribe, but I was wondering what everyone thought of the extras, and if there's anyone out there who regularly uses the site but isn't subscribed? What are your thoughts?
I'd really like to continue with the extras, but don't know if I can afford it (know that sounds bad, because it's so cheap. >.<)

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はじめまして CrimsonAmaryllisさん

I use the chat the most, where I and a few others frequently hang out, mostly talking about random stuff but you can always ask a question if you don't really understand a piece of grammar or something. Especially if Snowman is online, he makes the lessons and is always open to questions.
The chat and lessons alone are already worth it for me.

Answered 8 years ago


I sudjust you save up a little hear and there, or ask for your parents to help you by buying a one month. Even if you find it's better to go free, I think Nihongo Master is a really well made program, and deserves to get more money than they are asking for :) Otherwise, I think your only allowed to acess a few of the leasons and drills without a full subscription. I wanted to wait and do the free trial later on, But it only let me partway throught the hiranaga lessons before saying I have to subscrib.

Answered 8 years ago