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Hey everyone, I'm fairly new here and I'm wondering the best way to approach the lessons, I've sailed through a few hiragana lessons already but I'm finding whilst the symbols are sticking in my head the phrases learn't during the lessons aren't.

Should I be trying to learn the words as I go along? Or should my primary focus be to learn each symbol and then return to the lessons at a later time to learn the phrases? I'm unsure if it's imporant for me to learn the example words at this stage simply because it doesn't seem to help me remember the symbols or pronunciations.

The reason I ask is because the words come up in my drills, and it's like I'm taking a stab in the dark when choosing which symbols represent the words, but when it comes to matching the symbols with their pronunciations I do perfectly fine. 

P.S. Sorry this question is so long-winded haha xD!

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I think you should spend some time just sitting wrighting the letters out in sets of five, than work on memorising the words that go with them before the drill. If you spend exra time spesific to each set, You should find yourself memorising them alot better :) It also helps if you look up the japanese alphabet song on YouTube.com. Sit and follow along with it for a while, It might help~

Answered 8 years ago


What I do is create flashcards and take notes. It really works~

Answered 8 years ago