Should intermediate students of Japanese use this website?

Asked 8 years ago


How hard do the quizzes get? たとえば。。。




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So intermediate students may find the content not yet up to their level.  We release new content every week (or, we try to. We strive for quality). At this time, I would say the content we have is suitable for those looking to pass the JLPT N5 exam.   By all means, use the trial as a way to preview the level of content we have.  You do not have to go in order.

However, there are additional tools on the site which are of benefit to intermediate and advanced students.  This includes community events where you can pratice your Japanese with our Japanese instructor.  Also, the custom drills from the dictionary allows you to add any word and kanji from our dictionary into your drills so you can quickly build your kanji/word vocabulary rapidly.


Stay tuned as we are constantly adding more content and will soon have more content that is valuable to our more advanced learners.

Answered 8 years ago


It starts out at a beginner level, and advance lessons come later on it seems like. I agree with Taylor. c:

Answered 8 years ago