Is it okay to skip some lessons?

Asked 8 years ago

I've already learned hiragana, katakana, some words and sentence patterns, and some basic kanji...

Is it okay to skip lessons in order to learn intermediate Kanji or something? :l


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3 Answers


It's fine to skip a few lessons. People do that a lot to get lessons up to their level of learning :)

I could have skipped all the hiragana and katakana myself, the only reason I chose not to was so that I could get a good recap of all of the things I have learned. You might want to keep that in mind, however as I said before you are fine to skip lessons.

Answered 8 years ago


You shouldnt skip it. It's good to review things you already know so that you can refresh your mnd and be more confindent on it. Also there might be some things that are mentioned that you didnt know, especially language notes.

Answered 8 years ago


I think it would be a bad idea to skip the lessons for 2 reasons: There could be good little tidbits of information hidden in the lessons somewhere, and if you skip the lessons you'd miss out on all of those star points and achievements. 

Answered 8 years ago