How fast to go?

Asked 8 years ago

How many lessons a day should I try to do? I'm fairly new here, and I've noticed that the lessons seem to be pretty short so far.Does that mean that I should do more than one a day? Does the length of lesson change with later lessons, so I should just enjoy the shorter ones while I can? Any info would be great!

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Every lesson is meant to be short in length so you can finish one and learn something in a short amount of time.  The drills after the lessons help gauge how well you are remembering the information.  So, I like to base it on how well you are progressing through drills.  If you manage to finish all your drills for the day, I say take another lesson.  Then do more drills.  Rinse and repeat.  You'll start to see when you might need to slow down your lesson reading. :)


Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago