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Hey guys, is there an easier way to remember which word means which in um..... http://nihongomaster.com/lesson/view/98/really-i-mean-really    that lesson.  is there some sort of tip or trick you guys use to know which word means what, it's actually been stomping me and annoying me for the past month or so.

I had a lot of difficulty with remember which meant what. I ended up making a cheat sheet that cut down the definitions they give to clarify better to myself what each meant. I only had trouble remember 3 of them for some reason, and It basically went like this: あまり - not much. That's it, 2 words. It's also the shortest of the bunch, so its fitting that it only means 2 words. How much do you know? not much. そんなに - not SO much. SO nnani, not SO much. It's in the word. ほとんど - Hardly (HOardly, almost start with the same sound... (not really)), VERY LITTLE, almost nothing. The least you can know without knowing nothing. ぜんぜん should be easy, and ほんとうに was easy for me to remember for some reason. If you can't, I'd make something up like REALLY, HO[LD][O]NTOU[M]NI (really, hold on to me). I hated that chapter. Was getting them wrong for a solid month.

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I think it's definitely worth making up and looking up example sentences that contain the word - Then you can get an idea of where it's used and when it's appropriate

WRITING IT DOWN UNTIL YOU'VE LEARNED IT - writing it down a good few times is a good way to memorise it if you're having trouble remembering - sometimes you just need to drill it into your head through pen on paper and there's no better way.

I try not to associate english meaning with japanese words much - it's better to understand the Japanese words on their own without having to recall in english - that way you can begin to think more like a native.

龍之介 / Ryunosuke
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