Will you separate lessons from drills?

Asked 8 years ago

You guys should totally separate these two. As you get more lessons (and lessons for more difficult material), I think you'll find users wanting a hyperlinked Table of Contents for the lessons.

You should think of this website as a book with interactive excercises, rather than excerises with lessons in between.

Also have you thought of any gramatical exercises or excerises that force the user to see kanji/words used in context? For example, どうぞ is taught pretty early as "please/kindly", but a learner would have no idea you can hold open a door and say どうぞ in a kind of "after you"-like sense.

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Our drills allow us to base them on images, sound, video, etc.  So we will be delivering more context driven drills and activities.  Games are also on the way. 

We are looking to make the classroom easier to navigate.  We will give options to hide the items you've already performed, only see lessons, as well as "bookmark" lessons so you can go back to them over and over.  Hopefully this will help you out!  



Answered 8 years ago