An explanation of when to use Hiragana and when to use Katakana ?

Asked 8 years ago

I understand that Katakana is use for foriegn words but i'm still a little confused, can anyone give me a full detail on Hiragana and Katakana and how to use them properly please? Thank you

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Hirigana is the foundational script for written Nihongo. All Japanese words and phrases are traditionally written using either Hirigana or Kanji(mainly Kanji). As you have already mentioned, foreign words are typically written in Katakana. Also, many advertisements use Katakana to give their product names a sharper visual appeal. Katakana is typically not used in common writing to avoid confusion. Some foreign words are very reminiscent to Japanese words and phrases, so when writing your Japanese friends, think it best to only use Katakana when writing foreign words or names. Hope that helps!

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Answered 8 years ago