No way--- slightly bummed

Asked 8 years ago

It took me so long to write out my question, that when I went to submit it, my session expired, and I had been logged out.


No worries. I ca log back in right there, certainly the text I submitted would be there upon doing so right?


No such luck.


Sucks because I really want to know about this, but I think I worked too hard on my question, soo  not up for re writing it at this juncture.


Just an fyi. I think other people  would agree text storage capabilities are a worthwhile capability. But it's no biggie really.

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As Harrison Ford would say, it ain't exactly cropdusting, kid! The only way to implement that sort of functionality would be to add a subroutine that posted back to the server everytime you typed a character, or one that contantly saved drafts of your message every two or three minutes.

An easy way to ensure that you never lose your message from server disconnect is to open up notepad on your computer and make a copy of the text. Then, if anything goes wrong, you can simply paste the copy back into a new text boxt.


Cheers :)

Jace *\(^o^)/*
Answered 8 years ago

No, that's not quite true, or you are not understanding what I mean. Form input can be stored otherwise, in ways that do not require something that stores keys as they are typed. But I do agree that I coulda shoulda woulda used notepad. ;)

Commented 8 years ago