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So I heard one way to keep your japanese up is to do atleast one news paper article a day, to help strengthen/reinforce/build vocabular/grammar.  So I found this site while scouting  http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/   it seems to have plenty of articles every day and they are very short and have furigana.  I was thinking if i translated one would someone be interested in making corrections and help grading it and maybe others will follow suit...maybe if it becomes popular we can ahve an whole area devoted to translating newspaper articles or something like that o_o.


P.S.  Yes, I'm still alive o_o

Congratulations on being one of the living, hehe. Yes i like that idea. I think it was someone in chat had mentioned Easy News for reading because of the furigana so the extension of that idea it seems would be to actually translate an article from that site. Great idea, thanks for the push.

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I like that idea of translating at least one article from (Easy News) http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/. I think the idea of this site was mentioned earlier in chat to practice reading mainly because it had the furigana. I think the idea of translating and possibly have an eventual section for such things is an excellent idea. If successful it may develop into a practice of translating other sites with similar furigana or a random book page or even an article someone could be having difficulty with. A person i know recently gave me a link to a contract job offering to translate approximately 20 pages a month for a series the company will acquire in the next couple of months. The company even mentioned telecommuting is acceptable. So it seems jobs are available and this site could be quite instrumental in helping those who would like to pursue that idea.

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Hi! I'm an istructor of Nihongo Master, Masako.  I checked out the NHK's site, and love it!  I agree that by using this site, you will be able to improve your reading skill.  If I were teaching Japanese in a classroom, I would love to use their articles.  But, I don't think we can use them here because of their copyright;If you have any questions from your readings, please ask me.  I'll do my best to answer your question.  It would be a great learning opportunity for everyone at this site.

Also, we'll be providing you with more reading comprehensions in our lessons.  We're working hard right now!

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