When does the "Most learners of the week" Refresh itself?

Asked 8 years ago

I started back yesterday, and I have a busy weekend dealing with my forgien exhange. So, If i don't get back to hard studying intill monday, will I have to earn everything all over again to stay in leaders of the week? :T Cause its kinda discouraging if Im two places away from top, and i'll have to start over again, so im just woundering how it works.

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2 Answers


It's a rolling leaderboard.  So for the week means the past 7 days.  It will always be the past 7 days.  The leaderboards don't "reset" but instead following "today".

Answered 8 years ago


Thank you very much :D That makes me really happy to hear!! <3

Answered 8 years ago