Japanese Exchange program?

Asked 8 years ago

Hello, I live in america and im looking for a japanese exchange program where I can go and life with a host family, expereincing a year of highschool. However, one problem, I will be 19 in july. Any help anyone can offer? Going to japan and living the highchool life there has been the biggest dream of mine ever since I was little.. Please tell me this isn't the end?

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Hahah, it won't serve you any good to go to highschool a second time, unless you're thinking about the girls. You're an adult now, and the legal age in Japan is 20, which means you probably wouldn't even get started until you were an adult surrounded by underaged girls! Think about it... But guess what! There are many more opportunities to begin your overseas journey now than when you were in highschool! Have you considered attending college in Japan? Many universities, such as this one,  http://www.evergreen.edu/studyabroad/japanexchange.htm  ,  offer students the opportunity to spend a year of their higher education in Japan. It would be just the same as going for highschool, only in college you would  be able to flirt with the girls without being tried as a pedophile ;)

Jace *\(^o^)/*
Answered 8 years ago