Regarding the term "Furious Shield"

Asked 8 years ago

Just out of curiosity, say you were trying to name a technique of some sort: would "Furious Shield" be translated as "Hageshitate/激しい"?


I'm working on a manga and it's possible if I win the contest it's for that it will be translated to Japanese for the magazine, so I want to ensure at least that my attack/spell names are correct. I will be starting my intensive study of Japanese after this contest is over, and I'll be heading to the Yamasa Institute after I graduate High school next year (hopefully). ^_^

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I am not a professional translator. So, I can't be responsible for my translation;  Here's an idea.  According to an on-line dictionary, "a furious sea" and "furious winds" are translated as 荒れ狂う海 荒れ狂う風.  I feel like 荒れ狂う(あれくるう) would fit better.  Jus an idea.  Yamasa instutue is in Aichi prefecture, right?  Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago

Indeed it is! Thank you! ^_^

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