Know any good Japanese music?

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I want to start listening to japanese music, but I don't know where to find it or listen to it anywhere except via youtube.  Anyone know any good jpop sites/songs?

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You can find a lot on Itunes. I don't know a lot of jpop but you could start with Lisa or Do As Infinity. Flow is also a good one. Hope this helps.
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If you're asking for JPop then try to start with the mainstream ones, I recommend Idol Groups like AKB48. Try some songs like "Aitakatta", "Kimi no koto ga suki dakara", or "Heavy Rotation". Or Folder5 with "Believe".

But If you want the band ones, try Hearts Grow - "Yura-Yura", Keno - "Ohayou", Flow - "Go!!!"

But again, if you want the solo singers, I recommend YUI with "Gloria", "Life", "Again", "Summer Song" or "Good-bye Days", LiSA with "Crossing Field"

But again and again, above all of those, I highly recommend SUPERCELL (You can call them a band or group because most of their official member are illustrator), trust me you're gonna like their songs. Try "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari", "Bokura no Ashiato", "My Dearest", and "Giniro Hikousen".

Hope this helps you and gets you to eargasm. ^^

P.S.: You can find it on 4shared or Itunes. (I mostly use 4shared though)

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I like the girl group 2NE1 - a song that I am really digging is "Lonely," (2NE1, "Lonely," Japanese Version)

Another artist I am fond of is Yui Makino, her songs tend to be of the ballad-variety, but her singing voice is lovely enough to keep them from becoming boring or too dreary.
Recommended Yui Makino songs: "You Are My Love," and "Jasmin."

I came across a movie-esque ballad which was listed as "Never Ending Dream," a special track, (the Japanese version of a song) on the TearRing(?) Saga Original Soundtrack. I believe Yui Makino is also the singer of this song, but unfortunately I have had little luck finding any inforation on it. I do recommend this tune as well if you can find it.

Shiina Ringo is another Japanese musician I reccommend, although her music isn't always what one might consider to be quintessential "pop," music.

Shiina Ringo songs I reccommend: "Hatsukoi Shoujo," "Momenno Handkerchief," and "Gamble."

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is very commercial, and very Kyary-Pamyu-ie not everyone is up for it, but I have to admit I am a fan of hers, and I have a couple dozen of her songs in my big J-Pop playlist. Some songs I like (to name a few): "Suki Sugite Kiresou," "Tsukema Tsukeru," and "Drinker."

<3 - I don't know any really good sites to find/download Japanese music per se, but I usually just search for the song and or artist +"mp3" to find out if something is available somewhere.


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