Konbanwa, oyasuminasai and OSAKINI?

Ninjin Miojo
Asked 8 years ago

The expression "osakini" is still used in Japan to say goodbye at night?
Like "osakini shitsureishimasu"?
Or no matter the time? Please, can someone explain how to use "osakini"? ;D

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As you say, "Osaki ni shitsurei shimasu." is the whole sentence.  This expression is not limited to say goodbye at night. 

Here's an explanation of Osakini,


So, basically, "Osakini shitsurei shimasu" is used when you are leaving (usually at work) BEFORE other people.  It means, "I'm sorry that I'm leaving before you when you're still working."  You can use this at anytime and any place.  The whole sentence is a formal expression.  If you want to use this in a casual way, you can just leave out "Shitsureishimasu", and say "Osakini !"

I hope this helps,

Answered 8 years ago

Wakarimashita! Arigatou gozaimasu!! :D

Ninjin Miojo
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