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I'm studyng Japanese so I can get a translator job as well as everything else, but how does one realize he/she is ready to actually get a job? or do you need to take a certification test? 

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I wouldn't claim fluency in Japanese until completion of the highest level JLPT exam.

The JLTP program is the global standard for Nihongo proficiency; It consists of 5 stages, ranging from N5 proficiency, in which a student has shown a limited understanding of Japanese grammar, and a working knowlege of at least 100 basic kanji, as well as the kana scripts, to N1 proficiency, at which point a student has demonstraded a broad knowlege of Japanese used in a variety of situations and thorough comprehension of nearly 2000 Kanji. Going from no knowlege of Japanese at all to N5 proficiency is a steep learning curve, and this App really serves to close the gap!

You can learn more here http://www.jlpt.jp/e/

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Answered 7 years ago