differences bout "tottemo, taihen"

lulu fahkrunisa
Asked 7 years ago

minna ohayou

yesterday i found a question bout spesific differen bout taihen and tottemo

can u help me to give me the answer ? minna douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu

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Ohayogozaimasu, Lulu-san!

The both taihen and totemo (tottemo) are adjectives, so they are used to emhasize adjectives or verbs. 

For example,

Taihen omoshiroi. (VERY interesting.)

Totemo omoshiroi. (VERY interesting.)

In this case, both can be translated as "very."  I would say that "taihen" tends to be used in a negative meaning, and "totemo" can be used in both negative and positive meanings. 

Also, "taihen" is used as a noun, too.  For example,

Sore ha taihen!  (That's terrible!)

On the other hand, "totemo" is not used as a noun. 

Hope this helps!


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Ops, they are "adverbs." Sorry!

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たいへん and  とても can be synonymous, but たいへん has an additional meaning.


「けさ、しごとはたいへんです。」 - "This morning, work was very difficult.

たいへん can not only mean "very," but it can also mean "very hard." You will learn about how to apply this usage in later lessons.



Jace *\(^o^)/*
Answered 7 years ago