What can I do to improve my speaking and listening?

Asked 7 years ago

I'm 16 and I'm a absolute begginer. Well, not really :) I'm a premium member and I've done the first 3 or 4 lessons, so yeah, I know some hiragana. What do you think, should I finish learning all the hiragana, katakana and some kanji before starting with speaking and listening. I want to pass the JLPT N5 before I go to college. So I have aroud 2 years left. 

Sorry, if there are some grammatical mistakes. I'm neither american or british, but I study for Cambridge FCE. :)

I wait for advice, thank you. 

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Hello Alexandra!

To study for the JLPT N5, you'll need to know hiragana, katakana and about ~100 kanji.  You'll also need to know some starting level grammar.  The great news is reading the lessons available in the classroom will set you up very well for the JLPT N5.  And if you want to focus on the vocabulary and kanji, you can use the study list feature that's available for premium members.  Take a look at the study list here:


You'll be able to add any word/kanji to your drills at any time.

You can also create practice writing sheets for the kanji that you are studying (as well as the hiragana and katakana you learn).  The practice writing sheets are also a premium feature and will help you train your writing.  However, the JLPT does NOT grade you on your handwriting.  :)

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this link will show you how to install or switch to the Japanese IME on your computer. This will allow you to type in 日本語。 Very good to know when using the dictionary feature of this site.

Jace *\(^o^)/*
Answered 7 years ago