Is there a way to reset your account?

Asked 7 years ago

I've been away for a very long time and haven't kept up on my studies, so I'm interested in wipeing my Lessons and Drills so I can start over without things I don't remember appearing in my drills, without making a new account (so I can keep my achevements, followers, et cetera).

This is probably not relevant to you anymore, but I figure if anyone else googled how to do this and your question shows up (as it did for me), I could give them some tips. 1) There isn't a way to completely reset your account so give up on that, but you can make the drills go away so you can restart form scratch on those without having the thousands that could pile up if you haven't been on it some time. 2) The way to do this, is click on your account icon, then select account settings. From there pick drills from the sidebar options. In this you can delete or just pause all the drills you don't remember/need to refresh the lesson on. 3) Also, this will help with no longer having to sift through the lessons has the first lesson that should appear on your account dashboard should be the earliest drill you deleted. Hope this helped someone :)

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if you need a refresher, you can always go to the Classroom, and click the Show Completed Items button. This will let you review all the previously completed lessons without having to create a new account!

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Answered 7 years ago

This does not really answer the question. I have the same need. I haven't been keeping up for quite some time and would like to run through the course again from the start. As mentioned it is possible to show completed items. The problem is, when viewing a completed lesson, at the end of the lesson is a link to the next lesson. This automatically points to the latest incomplete lesson instead of the next one in the syllabus from which you are viewing. This costs one to have to view the syllabus, show completed items, browse to the lesson you wish to review, view the lesson, return to the syllabus, show completed items again (as it defaults to hidden), search for the next lesson etc. It's a pain.

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yes, you can reset your lessons! To do this, use the main dashboard menu bar to find your settings. Under your profile, scroll to the bottom to "reset progress" this will reset lessons and drills but you will not lose levels or achievements!

Answered 1 year ago