Kind of confused about Premium?

Asked 7 years ago
What exactly do you learn and not learn with a free account?

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1 Answer


Well, with Premium, you get "Premium Lessons" (get to read and write more kanji), "Personal Study Lists" (as in you can create your own study guide for different things), "Practice Writing Sheets" (you can create writing sheets to help you write in japanese from lessons you learned), "Custom Vocabulary Drills" (can add any word or Kanji to the dictionary and study lists), and "No Advertisements".

Without Premium, you have "Introductory Classroom" (read and write basic Japanese), "Adaptive Drills", "Powerful Dictionary"(find Japanese words and Kanji), "Compete and Work Together", "On the Go Learning"(mobile learning), and "Community Chat". All the things without Premium is also included in Premium as well.


Answered 7 years ago