Is しまった really a Japanese swear?

Jace *\(^o^)/*
Asked 7 years ago

The dictionary entry compares this word to an English curse word. I was under the impression  that there were no Japanese profanities. Would this word be offensive to morally inclined Japanese families? Would it be sensored on TV interviews? Is it taboo to use this expression in a public environment? In English, it is considered OK to use "darn", and "shoot" because they sound softer than their uncensored couterparts. Is it the same way in Japan?



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It is totally OK to use this expression in your casual conversation!  (Not polite, though.)

I would say that we don't have so many bad words compared to English. (Sorry, English speakers!  I'm not trying to offend you!) 

I think F-words or something like bi**h are very strong words.  I cannot come up with any Japanese words as bad as those words.  Which doesn't mean that all Japanese people are nice and gentle, of course, but we just don't have those words;

To curse other people, we may use くそっ (くそったれ = "Shit" in English, I guess;) or このやろう, ばか, あほ etc.  They are not acceptable in a formal conversation, but you may hear them in a casual conversation, and they are not that bad.

Any way, talking about your question, you can safely use しまった unless you're talking to your boss.

Answered 7 years ago

It's ok, Masako-sensei. I know you don't mean any harm to us. It's just the true. By the way, 情報にありがとうございました。私は日本語を学んでいるを楽しみます。日本で英語を教えたいですから。Sorry for any errors.

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