How many badges are there on Nihongo Master?

Asked 8 years ago

I have been wondering for a long time now. I have 8 badges, and one is for buying the premium package. Can someone give me the list of all the badges we can earn on Nihongo Master?

Wow, just earned another badge for asking a question O.O Wow XD

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You can take a look at a pretty complete list of Achievements on our blog at http://www.nihongomaster.com/blog/2013/04/new-achievements-unlocked

Answered 8 years ago

It says page not found.

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Did you ever find out?

Answered 4 years ago


Well, here's a complete list that I compiled today.

1. Back From The Dead – Return to Nihongo Master After Seven Days

2. Community Leader - Receive a Vote for Your Lesson Note or Community Answer

3. Cram Session - Complete Three Lessons in One Day

4. Detective – Ask the Community Five Questions

5. Double Trouble – Partner up with someone and battle as a Team!

6. Drill Baby Drill – Drillin’ like Palin! Complete 100 Drills in One Day

7. Getting Connected - Get connected by linking your Facebook or Twitter account to share your progress!

8. Go For The Gold –Support Nihongo Master by subscribing and taking your studies to the next level.

9. Guinea Pig – Thanks to all our wonderful Beta Testers. Here’s a special Achievement just for you!

10. Gumshoe - Ask the Community a Question

11. It’s Over 9000 – Complete The First Three Number Lessons

12. King of the Mountain – Rise to the Top of the Top, Weekly, or Daily Leaderboards

13. Know It All – Answer Five Community Question

14. Let's Get This Party Started - Join us and prepare yourself to become the next Nihongo Master!

15. Mind Like a Steal Trap – Correctly Answer 50 Drill Questions in a Row

16. Overachiever – Obtain a Perfect Score in a Quiz

17. Overachieving Overachiever – Successfully Answer 250 Drills Correctly

18. Peek A Boo - View a Community Member's Profile

19. Quiz Master – Complete Five Quizzes

20. Repeat Offender – Log into Nihongo Master for three Consecutive days

21. Self Motivator – Create a Study List from the Dictionary.

22. Sleep is For The Weak – Stay logged in to Nihongo Master for 24 hours consecutively.

23. Study Buddy – Subscribe to someone’s study list.

24. Wanted – Someone Subscribes to your Study List

25. We The People - Cast a Vote for a Lesson Note or Community Answer

Answered 4 years ago