The limits of the verb かぶる (or, how silly can I get with my questions?)

MC's Neechan
Asked 7 years ago

Hi all! Out of curiousity's sake,could one use the verb かぶる to describe things that are on the head that people do not normally wear? For example, several manga and anime depict drunk people wearing various things atop their heads, such as lampshades, ties, shoes, paper bags, etc. I know that  かぶる is for things like hats and crown, but I was wondering if you could use it for anything that gets stuck on the head (perhaps even toupees!). 

Just curious! :D

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Hmm, an interesting question...

OK, I would say that the object that you put on your head should cover a part of your head to be described with the verb かぶる.

So, in your qestion,

shoe, tie--not かぶる.  You should use のせる (to put on) instead.

lampshade, paper bag, and of course, toupees--かぶる

If you have any other objects that you are not sure about, let me know. I know, drunk people can put anything on their head;;

Answered 7 years ago