Please help me understand the Kanji used in つきあたり

Jace *\(^o^)/*
Asked 7 years ago


The meaning of the word is "end"(eg, of a hallway). The Kanji used indicate something sharp and potentially painful. How were these Kanji chosen for this word? I really want to understand how Kanji operate in defining the meanings of various Japanese words.

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Hi Jace-san!

In the case of つきあたり, as you say, 突く means poke or push.  But it also is used in different words such as 突進 (rush at, make a dash at).

So, by saying 突き当り we can imagine a picture of "somebody made a dash for something (e.g. a wall) and bumped into it."=  "end" of (e.g. hallway)

I would say that you cannot expect that all the Japanese words with kanji (jukugo) have the original meanings of their kanji. Depending on how they are combined, kanji can have several meanings.


Hope this helps!

Answered 7 years ago