Reviewing Hiragana and vocabulary learned so far

ろにん あらし
Asked 7 years ago

I'm part way through learning Hiragana thanks to this site.  As I add more Hiragana with each new lesson, I want to compare them to the ones I've learned so far.  Similarly, I'd like to review all the vocabulary that the lessons have presented to me so far.

Is there a way to do this for my current progress?

Currently I'm on a free account but I'd be happy to upgrade to premium if this feature is available inside.

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Nihongo Master has a very detailed report that goes into how well you are doing in your drills.  Drills in your Dojo are the primary way that Nihongo Master determines how well you know vocabulary, as well as your Hiragana and Katakana.  You can find your Drill Details here

Things you'll want to see is your Spree count for a drill as well as Last Attempt.  The Last Attempt tells you when was the last time you saw this Drill and answered it.  Spree tells you how many times in a row you've answered it correctly.

By using this information, you can get an idea for how well you know certain vocabulary and what you might need to work on.  

This is a FREE feature for everyone.  If you decide to go Premium (and we hope you help support Nihongo Master by doing so), then you'll be able to add drills for any word/kanji in our dictionary and see the same level of detail in your drill details.

Have ideas on how we can improve this report? Send us ideas at info@nihongomaster.com

Answered 7 years ago

Thanks Taylor. Appreciate the pointer. I do have an idea for an alternate view that would be useful (to me, at least) so I'll drop you an email.

ろにん あらし
Commented 7 years ago