Recommended outlets for communicating with other people in Japanese?

Jace *\(^o^)/*
Asked 7 years ago

Hello everyone,

I've let my score drop by a lot on the site. I'm sure you guys think I split for the hills, but I have been studying daily. I've just taken some time off from all heavy drillin' to reflect on what I've learned so far, and try to expand my volcabulary to make use of all those grammar lessons! Well, what a wake up call it's been. Japanese is incredibly inflexive, which means that learning one word in Nihongo is like learning 5 words in English. All the different pronounciations, annunciations, and transformations to memorize. It's a challenging task, and I'm going to need some help. In the words of Mr. Miagi from Karate Kid, "No learn Karate from book, need teacher!" I don't think I can advance any farther as a student of Japanese without communicating with others IN Japanese. I'm sure there are forums for Japanese students out there, I just wouldn't no where to begin. Do you have any advice for how to get started?

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Well, we do have our group forums.  Might want to create a group specially for finding penpals?  That might be nice.

Also a heads up, Sunday, Feb 9th, we're having a community chat day at 5pm Pacific and it's going to be PACKED!  So, be sure to attend and you'll be finding people to chat with in no time.  Our chat also has voice chat so you'll be able to practice speaking as well!

Answered 7 years ago

Ok, count me in ;) がんばりますよ。

Jace *\(^o^)/*
Commented 7 years ago

Oh wow, community chats on sundays now? I'll try to join it :D (Working night shift makes me pretty much disappear from the site most of the time @_@) I'll try to be there!

Commented 7 years ago