Ummm what? Why?

Nihon Scope
Asked 7 years ago


So it tells me to select the best answer after listening to it.

これわにほんごでなんですか <- this is what is said


これはでんわです <- this is the answer




From my understanding so far... kore wa nihongo de nan desu ka - is what is this in japanese?

Why would kore wa denwa desu be correct? Why is it when someone says what is this in japanese that they say it's a phone?

There is no picture and this is really confusing me!

Know someone who might be able to answer this question?

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I found the question that you're talking about.

Question: Listen to the following, look at the answer choices, and select the best possible answer:

Recording: これはにほんごでなんですか(?)

Answer choices:

これはでんわです。(This is "でんわ.")

はい、わかります。 (Yes, I understand.)

いいえ、まちがいです。(No, it is wrong.)

いいえ、ちがいます。(No, I am not. / No , it is wrong.)

これはおもしろいですね。(This is interesting, isn't it?)

Since the question is asking "What is this in Japanese?", the only "possible answer " is the first one: これはでんわです。

Hope this helps!  Oh, I also found the telephone # drill that you were asking about.  Please take a look at my answer for that, too.

Answered 7 years ago

Ah I see, I was getting use to it telling me what is 「blank」 in Japanese. So yes this helps me make sense of why that would be so... I thought may be I lost my mind or something I totally missed a section. -Griffith

Nihon Scope
Commented 7 years ago