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Nihon Scope
Asked 7 years ago

So I'm a bit confused on these ownership drills. Maybe I'm reading it how I would in English... I don't know I'm sure it's that. But I'm confused mostly on this question. It shows a cup of tea and asks this:


いいえ。私のおちゃですよ <- this is the answer


はい、あなたおちゃです。 < even though it looks totally wrong I chose this answer though. Mostly because there was one other answer I thought would work but it says はい、ぼくのみずです - it looked wrong too obvious from the word water on top of that.


So let me get this straight then. いいん。 私のおちゃですよ is:  no. this is your tea. ?

and what i picked.. doesn't make any sense. But just to work this out further, the question is saying - is this your tea? correct?

Is there any where else I can understand this further... I mean when I look back on it now. It makes more sense. But

I'm still having trouble working through ownership. Weird right?


So I ran into another one that does not make sense to me. The question is again これはぼくのおちゃですか? Which is: this is my tea? (right?) My question about this is ... why this: いいえ。 私のおちゃですよ the correct answer? Isn't this No. It's my tea? I dunno I guess the vagueness of the situation seems to keep confusing me, because to me it's someone having a conversation in their head and it's messing with me about the possible situation that is being "played" out.

Nihon Scope
Commented 7 years ago

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If I understood your question correctly, it looks like you didn't listen to the question and answer as a conversation between two people.

Question これはぼくのおちゃですか。--Is this my tea? (Person A is asking to person B)

So, the person B answers;

いいえ。これは私のおちゃです。--No, (it is not your tea but) this is my (Person B's)  tea.

Does this help?  If this is totally off the point, please let me know again.

Answered 7 years ago

Yeah, it makes sense now... Some times I get confused on how the conversation is going and what is being asked at times. Sometimes ranting about it on a question helps me work through it. I'm just going to keep going through the lessons and I'm sure it will continue to get easier for me to understand as time goes on. Thank you! ありがとう!

Nihon Scope
Commented 7 years ago