Nihon Scope
Asked 7 years ago

So just want to point out there are actually questions you ask that have 2 right answers.


Might want to re-check everything... you don't want to confuse the students now do you?

Yes, another student has pointed it out. It must be a bug; We should fix it as soon as possible. Thank you!

Commented 7 years ago

Know someone who might be able to answer this question?

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Hi Griffith.  Some drills in our classroom are purposely tricky in order for you to pay attention to the scenario.  So be careful!

However, if you still feel there is an error, we want to check! So please send any potential issues or gotchas to info@nihongomaster.com and we will look at them right away.

Thanks and good luck with your studies!

Answered 7 years ago