Do drills stop coming back eventually?

Asked 8 years ago
I understand that the drills "expire" and come back every few days to help you remember the material. However will there be a point when it will stop expiring the points gained from (for example) basic hiragana? Or will I be asked about what "あ" is for the rest of eternity every few days? Thank you!

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In SRS the interval between answers will go up and up and up. Meaning if you answer something correctly now, and it doesn't show for a week, then next time after that it will be gone for two weeks (basically). This means if you answer something correctly every time, it will hop up to two weeks, then a month, then two months, then four months, then eight months, then sixteen. In the end you will effectively stop answering what あ is. That is, unless NM works a lot differently from other SRS

Answered 8 years ago