Is it written konnichiwa or konnichiha?

Asked 7 years ago

I always was sure it's konnichiwa. But recently I see more and more often that ppl write it with the hiragana for "ha" and not "wa" in the end. But also there're ppl who write "wa". So what's right? I'm really confused >///<

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As far as I have understood, the correct written way is こんいちは (kon'nichiha).

The spoken way is こんいちわ (kon'nichiwa).

I have also learned that the younger Japanese have been using the わ particle instead of the は particle these days.

I could be wrong though. Maybe Masako can help me on this one 

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Good question!  Even some Japanese people don't use this in the correct way;;

This word used to be two words こんにち (today) and は (the topic particle).  And it was a part of a sentence such as: こんにち は ごきげん いかがですか ("How are you doing today?")  Now, only the first part of the sentence is used as a greeting. 

As you may know, when は(ha) is used as a particle, it is pronounced as "wa."  So, the correct way of writing it is こんにちは but it is pronounced as "Kon'nichiwa."

Answered 7 years ago

Also, it's good to know that "Konbanwa (Good evening)" is written as こんばんは for the same reason.

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