What is the correct way (if there is one) in romanji/Latin alphabet to write addressing someone?

Asked 7 years ago

What I mean is, using the Latin alphabet, how would you write or type as if you were addressing someone, i.e. writing their name followed by "san,"?

I'll use the name Hiromi in my examples. Would you write it:


Hiromi san



Hiromi San?

Capital "S" / lowercase "s" / space / no space / hyphenated / not hyphenated?

Or is this not proper at all, would you not use a first name such as Hiromi in such a way, would you only use a last name?

Thanks in advance for any insights on this, I want to make sure to get this right and be respectful.


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Hi Laurenさん

I don't think there is any "correct" way of writing "さん" in Roma-ji because we (Japanese people) hardly write it in Roma-ji.  I would choose "Hiromi-san" if I have to write it in Roma-ji.

Answered 7 years ago

Thanks so much for your help :)

Commented 7 years ago

you add a hyphen in between the name and the suffix to distinguish which one is the suffix and the name, ne?

Commented 7 years ago