Asked 7 years ago

How to do you know whether to say "なに" or "なん"?

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Hmm, another good question!  This is not easy to answer; 

1) When 何 has ダ・ヂ・ヅ・デ・ド、タ・チ・ツ・テ・ト、and ナ・ニ・ヌ・ネ・ノ after it, it  is "usually" pronunced as なん. 

2) When you are asking "how many?" with 何, it is "usually" pronunced as なん, too.  For example, なんにん (how many people?), なんさつ (how many books?), and なんぼん (how many bottles?)  なん also is used to ask "day of the week" or "month" (なんようび, なんがつ).

There always are exceptions; Hope this helps.

Answered 7 years ago