About the JPLT stuff... HOW do I learn them? There is no guide T_T

Asked 9 years ago

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If you're just starting to study for the JLPT N5 level, you should go through all the lessons in the introductory.  Furthermore, all the lessons and content at the beginner level will be in JLPT N5.  We will cover all material required to pass that level as well as cover some other common expressions, grammar usage and exceptions.  We are continuing to grow these lessons out but our pace should match how quickly you study.  We've already provided all the kanji drills needed to cover all the Kanji in JLPT5; however, we're still in the process of building out the lessons to introduce them.  

Be sure to unlock all the drills for introductory and beginner and take your drills each day.  Our drilling system is adaptive and will continue to drill you very often on items you are having issue with and will begin to ask you less frequently about items you do well on.

Good luck on the JLPT!  We will continue to add more tools to help prepare you.

Answered 9 years ago


I've found that the best way to study is to shift into using Japanese as your method of thought. 

Set your keyboard to Japanese and type out each of the On and Kun-yomi, and you'll gradually remember them.

JPLT 5 is actually quite easy, and there aren't too many that are all the same, so you're in luck. 

What Taylor said is true as well. The drills get more comprehensive as you add them. 

I did the Intermediate JPLT Final Quiz and I was getting drilled on Katakana and Phrases inbetween that. XP

Answered 9 years ago