Tips on how to pronounce R?

Asked 7 years ago


I don't like pronouncing 'R' letters because I worry I do it incorrectly.

At the moment, when I say words like 'RA', 'RE', 'RO' or 'RU', I pronounce them like the letter L.



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Using "L" sound is not a bad solution if you think pronouncing  らりるれろ is too hard.  English "R" sound is totally different from Japanese "R," but English "L" sound is actually closer to Japanese "R," I would say.


When you pronounce "L" in English, your tongue comes to the gum behind the upper front teeth.  Japanese "R" also is pronounced by briging your tongue to the gum behind your upper front teeth (there is a little more distance between your tongue and the teeth compared to when you make English "L").  The difference is that when you want to produce Japanese "R," you tongue doesn't stay there.  The tongue touches the gum only for a short time.

Hope this helps!  Good thing about "R" sound in Japanese is that we don't recognize the difference between English "L" and "R" very much.  Which means  even when you use English "R" sound instead of English "L" or Japanese "R," we won't misunderstand you!

Answered 7 years ago

Thanks that clears it up!

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