How can I get more drills every day?

Asked 7 years ago

Most of the time I usually get around 5 or 10 drills per day.  Is there some way I can increase the number of drills I get every day? (because I want more points)

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You don't really want this. :)) You will get more in the future. Now I have 4100 drills to do. Ooops :D

Answered 7 years ago


You have to go into the dictionary and add more. But it is true, once you go down that path you're going to be loaded. I would suggest if you have not already, finish the lessons then go down this path...


I'm learning On yami and Kun yami on a lot of words I know and ... I'm getting pretty good at recognizing them, but in the end I wish I just stayed the course... I just finished off almost 3,500 or so drills in the past week that I've let sit while I've been moving.

I have a couple dictionary lists I've made, you can check them out, they're pretty cool!

Nihon Scope
Answered 7 years ago


If you do get too overwhelmed, you can pause/remove drills in settings.

Answered 7 years ago