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My question is regarding the point system. I have noticed that when I do my drills that when I have answered correctly the points light up Green. However, some times when I still answer the question correctly, the points light up Red and subtract from the total. I have answered questions wrong before and it lit up Red and points were removed, but it always forces me to click "Next Question" to move on. Could the deductions to my points be due to my "time" not being quick enough? I do know that some of the questions I have answered before, I did so quicker. I did an experiment and tested the "speed" side of it, and when the same drill popped up, I answered slower than before and the points did not light up Red but instead went to Green. I am confused regarding the consistency of this, if it is indeed part of the overall learning program, to get the user to beable to Read faster and Recognise the sentence quicker. I only just noticed this last week, so if someone could clarify this for me I'd be most appreciative.





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Anytime you answer, the flashes of green just happen to mean that your points have gone UP.  Red, means your points have gone DOWN.  Even though you may have answered the question correctly, some of your previous points may have expired, causing your overall drop.  You got the points for the question you just asked; however, other points are expiring.  Better move quickly to keep it up!

Answered 7 years ago

Cool, I appreciate you clarifying this. I'll have to try harder to make sure my points don't disappear! Plus it does help with reading the words better. Thanks! -Gatze-

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