More precise benefits of subscribing?

Asked 7 years ago

I cannot figure out if I am able to do anything with creating my own study lists from the dictionary, or subscribing to others' lists.  I went to one list and tried to add a kanji word to my drills and it appeared as if it was successful but I haven't seen it yet in my drills so I am guessing no?

Also the Kanji challenge that I read about on the blog... am I able to do this as a free subscriber?  Maybe kanji will be unlocked later after I finish the katakana.  

I looked on the subscribe page and it said one of the benefits was access to "Premium Lessons".  But I am not sure if this is completely necessary or not. I might be better off just finishing all of the free content before paying for more, and then becoming burnt out too soon.  I want to subscribe eventually, but as my son is learning with me, I will have to purchase two memberships in order for us to compete with each other on a level playing field. I don't have the cash for two memberships right now.  

Maybe Taylor would be the right person to talk to about this, but I think the benefits of the paid membership are not fully clear.  I would like to support this site though, as it's the best I have found so far at making learning Japanese fun. Is there a way I could possibly barter my way into a discount in exchange for some graphics work on the site?

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Hi there!  If you are beginning, I would certainly stick to the free content until you complete it.  The premium lessons are there for once you finish the free lessons.

As you progress, you will want to take advantage of the writing sheets to help practice writing your kanji.  And as you start finding more Japanese material to read such as comics, books, newspapers, websites, etc, you'll find words you want to study on your own.  This means you can take advantage of creating your own study list which will help.

Also, if you are studying for any of the JLPT levels, being able to find the JLPT study lists and add the vocabulary to your drills will allow you to rapidly build your vocabulary skills quickly to ace the tests.

But for now, as you are still beginning, keep up the great work with the free content.  It should last you quite a bit and once you are comfortable and passing all the free quizzes well, then you should look at subscribing.

Good luck to you and your son and keep up your studies!

Answered 7 years ago