Names for 'England'

Asked 7 years ago

Hi all,


I have come across 3 different ways of saying 'England' in Japanese during my learning: 


  • Ingurando
  • Eikoku
  • Igirisu


Can anybody tell me which is the most commonly used? Or if there is a particular reason I might say one rather than the others?



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Good question!

I would say when we talk, we usually use Igirisu (イギリス).  Some people may choose "Ingurando (イングランド)" because we know that's the way the country is called in English.  Still, I don't think "Ingurando" is as common as "Igirisu."

"Eikoku" is used when we write the country's name in kanji: 英国.  We hardly use it in a conversation.

Hope this helps!

Answered 7 years ago

Thanks for clearing this up!

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