Confusing Drill!

Asked 7 years ago

http://postimg.org/image/5vp9gzjdd/ Audio: "Mazui desu ne?"

I think this one is confusing, because what if I didnt like it? 

Both answer are correct.

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I think you're only supposed to dislike it if the ramen bowl's got stink lines. That's how I tell. Stinky ramen bad, not-stinky ramen delicious.


Opinion's always subjective like this - I always got hung up on these questions but I ignored it in the end! One that still gets me is 'You are eating something and you have no idea what it is' and the right answer's 'Delicious, isn't it?' when in fact saying that still gives you no idea what you're eating and it might not even be true. What's wrong with asking what it is?


Crimson Amaryllis
Answered 7 years ago

Ahh I know this one, first I tried to answer with "what is it?" or something like that but it seems that you cannot ask what you are eating while being in Japan :D

Commented 7 years ago

Me too. I also wanted to answer with that. I also wonder if it would be bad if we say that it taste bad, since I'm kind of picky with food.

Commented 7 years ago

Well, saying that it tastes bad might not be good with Japanese (you know, these all levels of politeness etc.) , but asking what am I eating should be allowed...who knows maybe I am allergic to it and I might die if I eat it.

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