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Asked 7 years ago

Hi there, I've just finished the free lessons and am now sitting at 25% completion.

I love the format for the site and the few lessons in the free tiral that weren't hiragana/katakana were interesting, having had a quick look i see the last lesson has the description: 'You've just finished our "beginners' level lessons"!! You've done great! Now, it's time to test your ability in the language. Relax, and have fun!'

Does this mean there are further intermediate/advanced lessons that can't be seen on a trial account? I ask becuase at 25% after such a short time getting to 100% probably wouldn't take more then a couple of months and finding another resource where I could continue where this leaves of would probably be a huge pain as i'd be at risk of repeating things I already know or missing things i do not.

If this site well and truly does only it does only cover beginner grammer, roughly at what level would you be at the end? I.e could i read basic stories, newspapersm etc?


I'd really like to see this answered too! I just got to 50%, but this doesn't mean half way to fluent, that's for sure. I think maybe 100% means completing the JLPT5 which would be like just above secondary school/high school language?

Crimson Amaryllis
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This is a great question.

The future lessons do indeed get quite harder and take a bit longer than the hiragana/katakana questions.  So don't expect to finish through the content as quickly as the hiragana/katakana lessons.  Furthermore, we're actually adding new lessons all the time so you'll have more content to look at.

One of the hardest things about learning a language is learning the massive amount of vocabulary to increase the words you can use.  When you go subscribe, you'll also have access to add any word/kanji to your drills in order to also rapidly learn additional vocabulary.  You don't even have to wait for us to do that!

When you finish the beginner lessons, you'll have enough grammar under your belt to have very good conversations with others.  With the additional vocabulary drills you'll be able to pick and choose a great deal of words to include in your conversations.  Furthermore, with the new lessons we're adding, you'll continue to learn more advanced grammar to further introduce complex sentences in your conversations.

Hope that helps and good luck with your studies!

Answered 7 years ago

Also remember that subscribing gives you the ability to create custom writing sheets to practice writing any kanji you learn. This is important as writing is one of the few language learning skills people forget!

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