How to get back into the swing of things

Asked 7 years ago

I was studying on Nihongomaster for a while earlier this year and everything was going very well, but as I had a lot of free time on break from school, I made a lot of progress and built up a lot of drills in the meantime.  Using a few hours each day, it was no trouble to keep all the drills in check and keep moving forward, but when school began again, I slowly stopped using the website, and this is my first time back on in several months.  Now I'm finding that all of my knowledge is a little rusty and I'm staring at 2400 drills in the dojo.  Any advice on how to get back into learning using the site without feeling overwhelmed?

I had a similar problem but with 1500 drills...done 100 a day and after 3 weeks a I was back to 0 and new lessons

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The great thing is the dojo remembers how well you did with your drills. So, if you start doing them, you'll see they get scheduled out appropriately.  But if you get a drill wrong, then the system assumes you need to be re-inforced. Don't think of the Dojo as overwhelming but a way to re-inforce what you remember and get back to studying what you need to brush up on.

Don't be scared! Embrace the Dojo! I would advise against new lessons until you start to clear out the Dojo a bit.

Answered 7 years ago